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StrawPower animal bedding​

Natural bedding made from straw subjected to the same compression as regular fuel pellets. It is ideal for a wide variety of animals, providing them with the highest level of comfort and care. This innovative alternative to traditional straw has a number of benefits for both farmers and animals.

Our bedding guarantees a soft, clean and hygienic substrat for your animals. The pellets are carefully manufactured from pure raw material, without the use of any chemicals, making them completely safe for the health of your animals.

By choosing StrawPower, you are investing in the health and satisfaction of your animals and making your daily workeasier. Give your pets what they deserve – an environmentally friendly and comfortable substrate that takes care of them 24/7. 

Packaging and shipping:

We deliver our goods in accordance with European standards.
Maximum quantity per order – 24 pallets (full truckload).

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